by Bring Prudence

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This album was recorded in about a year in various rooms.


released December 6, 2010

Thanks to Lillie Taggart for her amazing photo!



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Bring Prudence Brooklyn, New York

Bring Prudence is the project of singer-songwriter & producer Oleh Zaychenko.

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Track Name: Circus
Ahh, the circus is in town!
Track Name: Dolph Lundgren
Argonauts are tying knots as they walk into the sea.
Those firemen are wasting time - there is nothing left to see.

Catholic schools are lonely fools - they're afraid to swim alone.
So many houses down the street, but not one of them's a home.

And the wave was as strong as they thought,
and they fought it, and fought it, and fought.
Track Name: A Westminster Goodbye
There's soldiers starting outside in the rain,
sometimes I wish they got stuck in guitars.
And is the TV going - is the TV gonna go?
Noises in the floor, and above, and below.
And is the TV going, is the TV gonna go?
Crisis situation 'cos of crises below.

Gonna stage an intervention, need some money for the show.
Gonna wash their faces with blood and snow.

I found out about the mouse,
the situation was dire,
so we burnt the house.
Looking at the flames and newsreel columns,
who would've thought ambitions could be profound?

If I hadn't known someone like you.
Track Name: Furniture
And then I found out from the breezes.
They said I can't love all the pieces.

Some homes have holes in the ceiling.
You melted the rose. Now, you're leaving.

I built a new door, but nobody's knocking.
I built a new door, but nobody's knocking.
Track Name: Engineers
When you're young and middle class.
When you're out of reach, then you're out of touch.
When you're young and middle class.
Track Name: Lights
You left a lot of lights,
I know I did too.
We're falling out of sleep
and into our shoes.
The carpet told me ugly things last night.
I had a dream about Ana,
and she wasn't you.

We don't wear each other's
suits anymore.
I follow you around and
stand by the door.
There's a circus in my head and girls in my wrists.
You know I'll dream about you
and bore you to death.

I don't mind
ice cream trucks.
They're just fine.
Track Name: Blush with Me
From a spinning wheel, from a spinning wheel
we can reach wild geese.

I was once an engineer,
put me back to work.
Track Name: There's a Home Now
Now there's a home where I was born.
There's a home.